Exotic Wines made from Tropical Fruits    

Miami Winery begins with the freshest fruit grown in the most highly organic soil in the world, located in Florida's East Everglades. The Florida Everglades are a region of extensive prairies dotted by small hammocks and wetlands. The wetlands substrate consists of peat and marl upon a limestone bed that stretches over 200 km. Native vegetation has occupied these basins for over four thousand years old and in decaying has slowly filled them with muck and peat. As the only subtropical preserve in North America, the Florida Evergladeís soil is considered one of our country's ecological crown jewels. Its rich nutrients, minerals, sulfur, iron and other elements produce the optimum planting soil. This combined with Miamiís hot and wet tropical climate produces the healthiest tropical fruit available in North America.

Grown only for wine making, Miami Wineryís fruit groves utilize the most modern technique for plant care and irrigation. Each fruit is picked from fully mature trees at their optimum state of sweetness and aroma. In our winery, we apply all the newest winemaking method to obtain our unique wines. Miami Winery's exotic wines are all made from these superb fruits and already have excited interest from around the world.

This nurturing and care for wine making has already paid off for Miami Winery. Winning "Best of Show" in New York and San Francisco along with numerous medals, Miami Winery has quickly gained the praise and recognition from the wine industry. Try our Exotic Wines selection today, they include Lychee, Mango and Guava wines.

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