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Fruit Cocktail

Miami Winery’s Fruit Wine

fruit punch!

Antioxidants are important. So you make an effort to consume fruit everyday. Watermelon Mojitos. Apple martinis. Strawberries in your champagne.

Add tropical fruit wine to the mix.

The Miami Winery owns farms in the East Everglades, where they grow fruit and stomp it into Lychee, Guava, and Mango wine. The booze juice — which is chemical, preservative, and sulfite free — has garnered awards from fancy vintners around the world.

Pair the Mango variety with spicy dishes, drink the Guava as an aperitif, and serve the Lychee alongside Asian flavors.


2008 Washington D.C. International Wine & Food Festival

"Washington D.C. aficionados vote Miami Winery - Best New Winery"

Washington D.C.

2008 Miami Winery, Style File Channel 7 News    

2008 Miami Winery, el exótico sabor del trópico


2007 Hilton Head Island International Wine Competition

"Judges award Miami Winery's 2005 Romance TM another GOLD medal win"

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


2007 Hoy Miami -Spanish Television Interview

" Views from 11 countries and 80 cities in the U.S. are introduced to Miami Winery's Exotic Fruit Wine selection"

Miami, Florida


2007 American Wine Society 

"Miami Winery starts 2007 with two top medals in Commercial Wine Competition"

Burrell, Pennsylvania


2006 Miami International Wine Fair 

"Miami Winery's Exotic Wines win top recognition from thousands of Attendees"

Miami Beach, Florida


2006 Boston Wine Expo 

"Wine Aficionados crowd to sample Miami Winery's taste of Paradise"

Boston, Massachusetts


2005 The Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo  

"The City of Angles Smiles down at Miami Winery"

International Restaurant & Foodservices Show

Los Angeles, California



"Miami Winery makes a Big Hit in the Big Apple"

International Restaurant & Foodservices Show

New York City, New York



"Star on the Rise"

International Restaurant  Show

San Francisco, California



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