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"Miami Winery makes a Big Hit in the Big Apple"


New York City, NY. February 10, 2005 - Thousands of restaurant, food service industry professionals and wine connoisseurs seeking something unique discovered the hottest new trend from Miami – wine! That’s right; Miami Winery wines are quickly becoming the most sought-after wines in the country, winning the coveted “Best of Food/Beverage Product Award” at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York.

New York serves as one of the world’s most important ports of entry for wines from all over the world. Hundreds of Wineries compete each year for the attention of this prestigious panel of Judges who choose the winner of this competition organized by the Vatel Club. Judges and New York’s Culinary Chefs were amazed by the fresh aroma and the sweet taste of organic tropical fruit wines produced by Miami Winery. Several noted how well this wine would work paired with the spicy seafood dishes, Paella, Cajun meal or even Fusion foods.

 “This was our first show in New York and what a success! In addition to winning an award, it was great to see world renowned chefs and established wineries interested in Miami Winery,” noted Alexis Paredes, President.

“When you’re in (Miami’s) South Beach, Vegas or San Francisco, everybody follows and wants to know what’s hot in New York,” added Alexis Paredes. It sets trends throughout the whole country. “We realize that New York has some of the finest restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the world. Therefore, winning here will certainly help to attract more customers and create more interest in our wines worldwide.”

To keep up with the current demand for our wines, Miami Winery has already tripled its capacity by acquiring a larger production facility and (6) six additional one thousand gallon European fermenting tanks. “Our new investment will keep our customer happier by have more available wine and avoid having a waiting list”. Chad Goings, Production Manager

Miami is known as a cool playground for Rock Stars, Hollywood celebrities and Corporate Moguls. From Donald Trump to JLO to Puff Daddy, all enjoy Miami’s high-fashion, hip clubs and great nightlife. Today, it has earned top honors for its Wines. “We want to capitalize on Miami’s excitement and offer a product that is genuinely Miami”, Alexis Paredes, President, “Now thanks to Miami Winery’s unique Tropical Fruit Wines, Miami has quickly become known for award winning wines!”


                                                                                                                         Chad Goings


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