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"Miami Winery's Exotic Wines win top recognition from thousands of Attendees"

Miami Beach, FL. November 11-12, 2006- This year's huge international wine fair was moved to the Miami Beach Convention Center to better accommodate the thousands of attendees in search of the finest wines. While many found the typical red and whites competing for attention, this show's biggest draw came from Miami Winery's Exotic Wines.

Located right at the front entrance, the name alone "Miami Winery", took many by surprise. Long lines quickly formed as attendees sought to sample Miami Winery's exotic wines made from tropical fruits. They were more amazed that these delicious fruit wines were grown right here in South Florida's East Everglades. The East Everglade's four thousand year old organic soil produces the most aromatic and sweetest fruits available in North America. Grown specifically for wine making, Miami Winery's fruit groves far exceed the standard quality fruits found at most supermarkets or farmer's markets. The reason lies in their innovative farming techniques and superb soil, rich in natural minerals Other farms apply artificial fertilizers and re-farming methods aimed at producing more quantity of fruits with more cosmetic appeal. Unfortunately, these "commercial grade" fruits lack rich flavor and aroma necessary for premium wine-making. "First, the smell of the fruit catches your attention followed by its flavorful and delicious taste", said Ana Rodriguez as she described her unique sampling experience.

At this years show, orders for Miami Winery's Special Gift Boxes broke earlier records. With names like Lovers' Toast, Party Spirit, Holiday Spirit, Tropical Selection, and Spirit of Adventure, Miami Winery now offers a unique gift for nearly any occasion. Special show prices are now offered on-line at Treat your friends today to Miami Winery's Exotic Spirits.


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