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"Wine Aficionados crowd to sample Miami Winery's taste of Paradise"

Boston, MA. February 5-7, 2006- Here at the 5th annual Boston Wine Expo, the energy is growing just as rapidly as the people who continue to flood in the masses. A sea of murmuring voices resounds as the people talk and taste their way through the convention center. Countless thousands make their way through the aisles with glass in hand and a thirst for only the finest wines. Wineries from around the globe have all come to Boston for one reason, to out-do the competition. The Boston Wine Expo is a huge event, with a population of 20,000 plus spectators, distributors, wine critics, members of the press, catering companies, etc., thus making it the largest wine show in America.

Having an idea of the caliber of this event has only farther impressed me to the fact that a winery from Miami, Florida has come here not only to promote, but to conquer as well! Miami Winery took over the airwaves with two radio interviews in the course of this event including; Dining out with Bruce Newberry and a live interview with WPRO radio station. Meanwhile, numerous distributors from vast locations constantly solicited the booth interested in trying to bring these amazingly refreshing wines to their customers. Having been there to see it all, it left myself and many others wondering; “What is it that makes Miami Winery’s products so sought after?” As every booth has something to offer to grab the attention of the crowd, their booth shined far brighter than all the rest. “What do they have to offer that no one else does?” You might ask, a taste outside of the ordinary, that of a taste of paradise.

An L-shaped line of wine aficionados barricades in the exhibitors of the Miami Winery booth as the two employees continue to pour in a non-stop fashion for all whom have the needed patience to wait in such a massive line, accompanied by inquiring taste which refuses to let them walk away. The line here at Miami Winery’s booth resembles that of a line at a theme park, as if people were awaiting the grand opening of a brand new attraction. In a sense, that’s exactly what it is, - a brand new attraction. This variety of tropical fruit wines seems to have taken a grip on everyone who tries them. Standing by I hear equally as many requests for any one of the three; Mango, Lychee, or Guava wines. The compliments were just as many as those who tried the wines. The flow of people seemed to never stop.

More amazing than that is the people who have yet to even try this product as their curiosity overwhelms them, their anxiety towards fulfilling their eager taste goes through the roof, and their arms-with glass in hand-reach out, almost over-extending themselves in an attempt to be the next one to be served, to be the next to truly get a taste of paradise.


Chad Goings


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