Alexis Paredes, President/CEO  

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      Mr. Alexis Paredes is a Miami area resident since 1965. He is a Cuban American raised in

 Miami who found an early interest in the real estate renovation and sales. While a student of architecture, he gained his Real Estate license at the age of 18 and made his first major sale that same year. Mr. Paredes received his architectural training from University of Houston, University of Rome, and Harvard University’s Graduate School of  Design. He founded Paredes Design Consultants Corporation in 1993; organized to offer clients expert advice on design and project management services for  Capital Improvement Projects. For over 16 years, his firm has successfully managed and assisted clients in their projects totaling billions of dollars in construction. His firm continues to serve large-scale clients that include; Universal Studios, Hard Rock Cafés, major airlines, rental car companies, convention centers, county school board, numerous aviation authorities and government agencies.

     Mr. Paredes holds U.S. Patents on Self Serve Automation and Advanced Process Technology. Today, his inventions are making life simpler by creating new environments that better organize people, property, and business practices. He is highly regarded for his attention to detail, innovation, and business management abilities. Instrumental in negotiating several major corporate relocations, Mr. Paredes continues to assist community leaders by creating thousands of new jobs throughout Florida and abroad. His community service includes numerous Governing Boards and Committees.

     Today, at the age of thirty-nine year old, he embarks on a new vision for Miami, Miami Winery.  Wine making has been apart of his family’s history for generations. It began with his great-grandfather, a Frenchman, who taught his grandmother the art. His father, Luis Paredes now continues the family’s tradition as the Master Winemaker for Miami Winery. Their family's pioneering effort has already earned Miami a place as a leader the wine industry for their all natural Exotic Tropical Fruit Wines.   

     Aside from learning the skill of wine making from his father, Mr. Paredes' hobbies include creating new companies, inventing, snow boarding, camping and fishing on his 195 acre private island. He also enjoys sending time with his family in their vast fruit groves. A bachelor with an incredible spirit for adventure, Mr. Paredes enjoys living life to its fullest.


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