Louie Paredes, Purchasing and Sales Manager     


Mr. Luis “Louie” Paredes contributes his lengthy stream of success from years of experience and knowledge in international sales markets abroad.  Previously as director of Paredes Design Consultants, he led projects worldwide in resort planning for major all inclusive resorts and island development for future growth.  He has set industry records with multi-millions in sales annually.  His expertise, energy and wisdom provides Miami Winery with the best vision in sales and market.

Motivating, energetic and enthusiastic at all times he never stops until the goal is met.  With over 20 years working for corporate America, he brings structure, organization and excellent communicational skills to work with clients worldwide. He is also as a major driver for corporate operations and workforce.

Mr. Paredes' hobbies include learning wine making from his father, creating new companies, nature, world exploration, boating, and the ocean depths. He also enjoys spending time on his family’s farms. His personal motto, “ If you don’t take care of your customer, somebody else will…your competition!


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