Exotic Wines made from Tropical Fruits

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      Embark on an “Adventure” Guava Wine to explore the new taste of wines grown in Miami’s subtropical climate. This chic and mystical fruit produces a great tasting wine with a spirit that will move you. Like Miami’s nightlife, “Fiesta” Mango Wine will electrify your taste buds. Its exotic scent of fresh tropical Mango fruit will make you want to dance to a Latin beat. And when the sun goes down, the unique aroma and taste of “Romance"  Lychee Wine won’t let you down. This Asian fruit grown in Miami’s warm and wet climate is often referred to as the “love fruit”. Many couples describe it to be an aphrodisiac as it increases arousal and enhances pleasure.

     We invite you to treat yourself today to our new Exotic Wines. Click now on our selection of Tropical Fruit Wines displayed to the right.







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 Guava Wine

Mango Wine

Lychee Wine