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From our family to yours

    Miami Winery wines begin with the careful selection of the freshest fruits grown in our own family farms in East Everglades, Florida. Like a strong family, great tasting wine must be nourished with love and passion. Our Master Wine Maker’s teachings were handed down from his great grandfather to his mother and on to him. He remembers that there was always wine served at the dinner table made by our family. We never put anything in our wines that we wouldn’t have our own family consume. No chemical preservatives, no sulfites and definitely no artificial flavors are added to our wines. This honest purity married with our Latin passion for life is the basis of Miami Winery.

   Miami Winery's Exotic Wine Selection has already been recognized by the wine industry as a premium wine product. Winning numerous medals, awards, and "Best of Show" from San Francisco to New York City, Miami Winery is quickly becoming the hottest new wine product on the market. Click on the "Awards" link to see more.


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Our Staff:

     Alexis Paredes, President/CEO

     Luis M. Paredes, Master Wine Maker

     Maria O. Paredes, Director of Quality Control

     Luis R. Paredes, Purchasing and Sales Manager

Claudio Aymat, Director of Sales, Central Florida

Jose & Maria  Bertran, Media & Promotions

     David A. Bertran, Director of Shipments

Joey Bertran, Operations Manager




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